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Hide My IP

Hides your IP while on Internet for protection and privacy purposes
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Hide My IP is a great utility designed to protect and conceal a user’s identity while browsing the Internet. This utility allows users to surf the Web anonymously by masking the IP through different proxies; this way it hides Internet Service Provider information from websites, hackers, and even helps users access certain forums they were banned on.

This application automatically searches for the nearest proxy servers available and replaces the current one after a specified period of time. Alternatively, users can select from dozens of private network IPs (only with premium and golden pass) or open network IPs from all over the world.

Hide My IP is also capable of masking the IP in email headers, working perfectly with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Web service email clients. This application works perfectly with IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari browsers.

In this version recently released users can find an improved interface, more IP locations, and better Web email client compatibility. This version of the program is available for Windows 7 and for Mac OSX with the same functions, that is really an advantage.

It is worth a try; unfortunately, the trial version does not let the users change settings and only works with Internet Explorer. The application works faster than similar applications like IP Hider, but still some websites aren't displayed properly or at all.

Max Santillana
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  • Hides your IP
  • Gives privacy on the Internet
  • Masks your email address
  • Changes proxies automatically


  • Some websites aren't displayed properly or at all
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