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Hide My IP 6.0

Surf the Web anonymously and protect your privacy and identity from hackers

Keeping your IP address away from prying eyes is just as important as keeping your home address discretely to yourself. With Hide My IP, you can now surf the Web without compromising your identity using a fake IP address from a location of your choice and your favorite browser. As an extra protection measure, you can ask the program to change this new IP every X amount of minutes.

Hide My IP is very similar in its looks and the way it works to a number of other IP protection tools. And at the same time it is very different in various ways. First, it supports a range of browsers much wider than that of many of its competitors. Thus, and contrary to what its lookalikes do, Chrome is fully supported, which means that nearly 80 % of all Internet users can benefit from its functionality right away. Besides, it also works with Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and apparently also with Netscape, which covers the near totality of all Internet users. Secondly, it offers you specific settings to protect your DNS with DNSCrypt, provided that you subscribe to its Premium service.

You can choose your preferred IP location among a long list of countries and cities, which will become fully accessible once you have registered your copy. Until then, the program will assign you a fake IP from a limited list of locations, enough to check Hide My IP’s main functionality. You can also restrict the list voluntarily to US-based IPs and enable “Smart IP Rotation” and let the program sort it all out for you or set a number of minutes at which you want the program to rotate your fake IP according to your preferences. If so desired, the program can launch at startup and thus guarantee that your IP and your identity are protected at all times.

Hide My IP may look just as one more VPN utility, but, as mentioned, it does come with features that not many others can boast of. If in doubt, and considering that its price tag doesn’t differ much from that of its competitors, I’d certainly prefer to give this one a try instead.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Supports all the most popular browsers
  • Automatic IP rotation
  • Can launch at startup
  • Optional high-speed service
  • Clears cookies on every IP change
  • DNS protection


  • IP locations are limited in the trial version
  • Slows down your Internet browsing
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